Products and Application Solution
General MRP / ERP
JIT - Job Shop - Repetitive - Mix Mode Assembly - Discrete More
Bedding Systems Application
OHM took 85% of their standard module functionality and added three specific modules to meet ... More
Decision Technology
Bidline Generator. Crew Tracking and Recovery. Flight Tracking and aircraft recovery. Crew Pairing ... More
The ability to offer clients real time data of their schedules, price list, accounts receivable position... More
Executive Information System (EIS)
Snapshot on the heart of the business. Summary glance at real time activity and data to be proactive... More
Contact Decision Management (CDM)
Up to the minute real time tracking of contact with your customers and new prospects... More
Point of Sale (POS) 
Geared for various retail environments with complete connectivity to your back end OHM business application server... More
Government Contract Manufacturing 
MRP/ERP applications with high security check and balances and audit trails. Complex multi level …More
OHM Web Tools
The power of Web Centric Application Development Environment (WADE). This product is a stand-alone... More
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