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Manufacturing Companies select OHMWeb-centric ERP Solution    
Spectrum, December 2003    

For years OHM has been quietly installing OHM-WARE ERP to its share of the manufacturing
application world. Now with OHM’s OHMWeb release of 33 robust modules for ERP applications,
small, medium and large companies are lining up to become OHM users.
Why is OHM’s recent release in such demand? According to OHM Systems, the answer is simple.
OHM’s product is truly Web-centric with no layers or interfaces, requires only a browser to execute,
and can act as both your Internet and Intranet solution. OHM is able to provide field level validation
at time of input with no page submission required.

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(Spectrum, December 2003 - Spectrum website)
OHM Makes Waves on the Web with WADE    
Spectrum, June 2003    

From developing manufacturing application solutions with a unique approach in the late '70s to developing a Web application environment in 2000, OHM Systems has had a long history in the MultiValue market, anticipating and facilitating the latest technologies. Originally a partnership that began in 1978, OHM's mission was to meet contract-by-contract requirements of the manufacturing sector for integrated solutions, according to OHM's vice president, Catherine Anbil. The company continued to grow and the OHM application became more mature and systemized by using a module approach to application software.

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Or view the entire magazine on Spectrum's website
(Spectrum, June 2003 - Spectrum website)
CRM Works: Only If You Create the Right Environment    
CRM Today, William F. Brennan

The complexity of modern business and the need for quick responses to changing conditions don't allow employees to go through channels anymore. But many companies have a hard time combining information, action and interpretation across old structural boundaries. Often, the result is decisions so untimely as to be irrelevant, no matter how technically correct they are.

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How To Sell Change:The 90-Day Plan
Optimal Marketing Magazine, December 2001

t's easier to shape people's reaction to change early in the process.The time to begin working on selling a change program is as long as possible before it's set to begin--a year in advance, if possible. It's easier to shape people's reactions to change before those reactions are formed, rather than reshape them later. These are the key steps to get people on the side of change just before it starts.

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ERP and the Big Picture
APICS The Performance Advantage, Volume 11 No. 6, June 2001, Karen S. Gadson

To ensure success of enterprise system implementations, companies must start with a clear vision of their business. Integrating the technology with the business strategy and assessing the new system’s impact on all aspects of the business are critical components of a successful implementation. Once the implementation is underway, an organization must be ready to measure performance and to manage the changes that will result..

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Give Change A Chance
APICS The Performance Advantage, Volume 11, No.7, November/December 2001, Jennifer J. Salopek

Why is change and worker’s natural inclination to resist it so prevalent in most ERP implementations? It’s the nature of the beast, according to many experts, both the ERP beast and the human one. Bring those two beasts together and you’ve got what could be a volatile, expensive, and time-consuming situation. IT projects create value by creating organizational change. The greater the scope and impact of the technology, the more change it creates, writes Martin Misciagna, practice leader of management consulting at RDA, a consulting firm based in Timonium, Md.

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Winning Business Magazine, Kate O'Rourke

The Internet and other electronic channels offer important new dimensions of customer interaction which need to be integrated into CRM systems. Websites which integrate with back office systems can offer substantially improved customer and partner service and support.

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