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OHM SYSTEMS established 1980 as an Ohio Corporation.
During the early 80’s, OHM provided by project state of the art programs to meet individual manufacturing client needs. Seeing how many of the features and functionalities could be standardized, OHM undertook development of their own 4GL toolset OHMTools™. Upon the completion of these tools OHM was able to quickly generate robust features and functionality of integrated modules to meet the full Enterprise wide requirements of Discrete, Repetitive, Assembly, JIT, Mix Mode and Job Shop environments.
In fact the OHMTools™ were so successful in their ability to generate and design using minimal code to accomplish major programming efforts, OHMTools™ became a standalone product used by many other developers and application development projects.

OHM continues to add to their module suite of products, which now includes 33 different and integratable modules as well as extension modules to meet the specific needs of niche industries such as government, aerospace and bedding manufacturing.

While OHM continues to grow they remain the leaders in “bleeding” edge technologies. OHM was one of the first integrated manufacturing packages in the early 90’s to migrate to the NT platform. Currently with OHM’s release of the OHMWeb™ toolset and OHMWeb™ Manufacturing MRP/ERP application they have superceded the claimed advancements of other competing packages. OHM is not a web “enabled” product but a true web-based product. The ability to provide real time field level validation on a web page and multiple criteria search with the greatest of speed are just a few of the superior features offered by the products.

OHM is a full service application provider headquartered in Cincinnati, Ohio with an International R&D center in Bangalore, India DBA Softline Systems Pvt Ltd.

The OHM staff consists of highly qualified professionals with backgrounds and education in manufacturing. OHM believes in more than just having a solid application; it is also necessary to have the personnel who understand business needs. OHM provides services to first understand your business requirements and then to utilize the OHM applications to meet those needs.

  Product Updates

Contact  Decision Management – CDM

Used for both Customers or Prospects. Fully integrated to OHM’s
  back - end business server, portable to your sales rep laptops, usable via OHM’s R.E.A.L. internet module or a stand a lone environment.

Point of Sale System  – POS

For retail interface to OHM’s back - end business sever or stand alone
  processing. All standard register entry with personalization to your industry. Real time inventory and transaction data.

E I S – Dashboard

Pulse of your business with visual graphs and up to date data. Have a handle

  on your Bottom line on any date range or time period. Be proactive not reactive.
  OHM SYSTEMS INC - Cincinnati Ohio - USA - Sydney Australia - Bangalore India / sales@ohmworld.com US toll free 800.878.0646 or 513.771.0008
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