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With the overwhelming positive response to OHM’s Web-centric ERP/MRP application release and implementations, OHM has expanded the market niche releasing a new product line OHM GALAXY. OHM Galaxy is a suite of modules formulated to meet the cost considerations of the small user to any size environment. It consists of accounting related functions that are designed to intergrade with manufacturing, distribution or other verticals.  The concept is popular due to the availability of less then 30-day implementation approach.

OHM GALAXY is the fastest way to enter the dynamic WEB-centric world using only a browser to execute your programs and functions. There is no additional interface software or requirements for your laptops or when you travel. Anywhere there is Internet access you have the availability to access your OHM GALAXY programs (based on standard firewalls and security setups).

OHM GALAXY is modular to help start clients al la carte with the process. There is low system overhead and easy installation and maintenance.

OHM has been successful with niche markets using OHM’s powerful base modules and application design. Including a specialty package for the mattress industry and one for the spring manufactures industry. Now with OHM GALAXY the verticals are unlimited to assist with OHM’s base package.  Also available as part of OHM GALAXY is the ability to port end users or developers existing application to a totally Web-centric environment using the OHM Web-centric Application Development Environment base.

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