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Manufacturing Companies Line up for OHMWeb® centric ERP  Solution

For years OHM has been quietly installing OHM-WARE  ERP to its share of the manufacturing application world. Now with OHM’s OHMWeb® release of 33 robust modules for ERP applications - small, medium and large companies are lining up to become OHM users.

Why is OHM’s recent release in such demand? Simple.  OHM’s product is truly web-centric with no layers or interfaces, requires only a browser to execute, and can act as both your Internet and Intranet solution. OHM is able to provide field level validation at time of input with no page submission required. This was a challenging technological process to meet, but OHM knows that users in busy companies do not have time to receive error messages to correct, only to resubmit and find that based on the changes made they now have more errors to correct. Users in a dynamic fast pace environment need to have instant feedback. OHM further wins over the users because we accommodate “heads down” data entry. Mouse is optional! This again adds to the individual’s productivity and streamlines the business processes. But OHM doesn’t stop there. It takes its powerful, feature rich system and applies its easy usage into manufacturing processes through shipping, invoicing and sales analysis for a total solution system. OHM’s product is rules based allowing for personalization of screens, reports and forms using OHM’s Web-centric Application Development Environment (WADE) product. Want to email or fax a page? Send to Excel? ….No programming. Simply pull up the form or page that you wish to affix the capability to and check the optional radial buttons. All the programming logic and threading of processes is done by the power of the WADE product. OHM gives the power back to the users. Why should users wait for request to have reports sorted differently, or ability to send to other printers or setting up their own menus (based on security profiles of course)? They shouldn’t. Nor should the IS department have to schedule this type of work. This gives well-needed time back to the IS department to concentrate on the bigger picture of projects and moving the company goals ahead. 

Manufacturers in the selection process of new applications have used criteria of “name brand” recognition and size of companies. When OHM is asked why we don’t have hundreds of programmers, the answer is simple. Our product development, using the concepts and underlying power of WADE, OHM's development tools do not require hundreds of programmers. Less overhead is better cost value to our clients. OHM is providing an easy maintenance system to change with business changes. Manufacturers should not have to conform their business practices to meet software requirements. OHM’s team will learn your business requirements and respond by showing you how to execute and set up in the OHM product.

If you are a manufacturer of quality products, your system deserves to be dressed in the best - OHM-WARE!  OHM is International with US office in Cincinnati, OH and International R&D in Bangalore, India.

  OHM SYSTEMS INC - Cincinnati Ohio - USA - Sydney Australia - Bangalore India / sales@ohmworld.com US toll free 800.878.0646 or 513.771.0008
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