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OHM Australia opens

OHM Systems leader in ERP/MRP web-centric application development solutions and other supporting products for web-centric environment announces the official opening of OHM business offices in Sydney Australia.

In October 2003 OHM attended a well-received Spectrum trade show, targeting the multivalue companies of Australia’s regions. OHM’s web-centric application development environment (tool for developers and large end users to move their telnet applications to a true web environment) generated much excitement among the multi-value developers.  Additionally OHM had made contact with several manufacturing companies to demo OHM’s existing feature rich web-centric application. From those demonstrations contracts for installing the OHM application have started.   OHM returned June of this year to finalize contracts with some of the application users and to further develop relationships throughout Australia and the Asian Pacific Rim areas.

During the June trip in search for local talent to head up OHM’s Australia location, OHM was reintroduced to an industry trend setter from the early 80’s, Austin Driscoll of Clegg Driscoll Consultants, who had a successful multi-value application running on a variety of hardware platforms. Driscoll and Clegg after selling their company to the Sanderson Group went their separate ways. Austin had just finished up a contract as Managing Director of Compuware Inc’s Australia & New Zealand operation, and was available to take on the OHM opportunity. Austin commented “I am extremely excited to be involved again in an application business. And especially pleased to be associated with a robust and technology advanced package as OHM’s ERP/MRP offerings. Plus the many other service and product opportunities that OHM will bring to the Asian Pacific market.”

OHM USA employees will be attending another Spectrum conference in Sydney and Melbourne October of this year. They will be taking advantage of this trip to Australia to begin installations of new clients and to transitioning to the OHM service team of Australia for the local support and implementation processes.  “We have just scratched the surface with our introduction to this market. Once we have local users of our products we believe our growth rate will set new records for installing a complete application solutions package to this part of the world. We have found that most offerings to Australia are packages that once installed require continued modification to meet the day-to-day business demands of the client. OHM’s offerings are a complete, mature environment with only some personalization to each installation” said Catherine Anbil of OHM USA, and one of the team members setting up Australia operations.

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