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OHM Systems USA is pleased to announce the newly formed business relationship with an esteemed colleague of over 20 years. Chuck Powder, PhD with current residence in Tipp City, OH will be heading up OHM’s Web-centric Application Development Environment (WADE) division for OHM North America.

The WADE product was officially released 18 months ago to developers and large end users that need to support and grow their applications package and know they need something more then an intermediate step. WADE allows rapid new generation of web-centric applications for internet and intranet environments. There is NO PROGRAMMING except for your business logic, which is ported to the environment via the OHM tool set. WADE being 100% web-centric requires only the browser to execute. There are no interfaces or required software to the client. WADE was successfully used for OHM’s own MRP / ERP applications which were completely rewritten using WADE. The first full scale MRP/ERP OHMWeb centric application was released May 2002 to OHM customers. The full version of WADE also includes a robust report writer WAVE. The explosive response to the WADE product created the need for WADE to be a division of it’s own.

Mr. Powder has an impressive and extensive background in multivalue environments. After starting a small consultancy service in 1979 with a partner and fellow university faculty member from the University of Dayton where Mr. Powder taught undergraduate and graduate mathematic, Mr. Powder, in 1980 founded the company Creative Microsystems (CMI). The company was successful in design, development, installing and support of computer applications for local government and small business using all types of multivalue environments. Mr. Powder designed, programmed and managed development from 1980 to 1988. During the same period he served as the company’s President, Sales Manager and Development Manager. September 1999 Mr. Powder sold his company to Sanderson Group, Sheffield England, an international computer services group. Mr. Powder continued under a services contract, serving as Managing Director (CEO). July 2003 Mr. Powder resigned and continued in private contracting to CMI and other companies with similar development requirements. Mr. Powder in taking on this opportunity states, “I have known Suresh and the OHM team since the early 1980’s and we have developed a mutual respect for our collective development talents. It is exciting to see a product that is designed for the Web, but more importantly addresses the real application development needs posed by complex real world business applications. No other toolset so comprehensively addresses the classic order entry model, which requires field level validation, cost table integration and variety of displays. It is a great pleasure to join forces with the OHM team.”

The mission of the WADE division will be to further support and grow the US customer base for use of the WADE product. Mr. Powder will be heading up the teams to provide customer on site project services and customer care from OHM facilities as well be a liaison between OHM USA and OHM’s R&D center in Bangalore India for US customers request and general new development ideas. This will also provide OHM North America WADE users a dedicated staff of professionals to work with them at all levels.

OHM’s WADE product is also being represented in other countries by relationships of local established companies of each country and OHM North America. Catherine Anbil of OHM Corporate notes, “More information on our alliances and relationship of WADE and other OHM products and services will be announced shortly.”

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