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Defining True CRM

Some say a rose by any other name is still a rose. But in the technology world of one acronym after another the interputation of letters starts to take on life forms of their own. When OHM first start releasing CRM (in our world Customer Relationship Management) we found CRM had a multiple number of meanings. But once our client base understood the power of what we were promoting they quickly became excited. The ability to seamlessly integrate with their back end server (real time or scheduled update times based on your security requirements), with ease of maintenance. Now regardless of OHM’s customer size each customer has a large market presence. In a matter of a few weeks after the original design and exchange of what level information our customers wish to display on line, OHM with it’s CRM tool suite is able to launch the ability for our clients’ end users to retrieve and review Accounts Payable statements, returns, invoices, credit memos, review payment history, product purchase history, product buying trends as well as place orders, make inquires and learn more about the products and services. Each end user that logs in has a profile, so you can personalize price list or bulletins of information to that end user or associated groups of end users. Now 24X7 and end user can check status’ print off copies of documents and place orders or inquiries.


The OHM CRM module interface is built in with validation and security features for the display and retrieval of the end users data.


OHM has even setup the ability for the smallest of company organizations to host the CRM portion of the transactions as an option.


The OHM clients that have started using this process cannot believe the excitement from their end users. Additionally the average order has increased by 5-8%. This was contributed to the end user stating that while they would normally only order a few items from this site and other items from competitor sites, they found the ease to order and informational so accessible it just made sense to place the entire order. Plus they were given fresh and timely information about discounted items, new products and special deals that help at time of placing their orders.


For the OHM clients the order entry from the CRM can be linked directly back to their internal order entry process to reduce redundancy and minimize possible errors from rekeying.


OHM using it’s powerful development environment gives an easy maintenance environment for changes and updates without programming efforts. The only programming efforts would be specific to the client’s application business logic. In CRM modifying or personalizing a screen input or retrieval is as easy as pulling up a template and changing the rules and look of the screen. The same is true for any report formatting.


Cost and time efficient OHM’s CRM totally web-centric module interface a powerful new way to easily add the needed functionality to your existing website for “clients only” CRM!

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