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OHM-Technologies will soon be announcing the OHM-Pairing Optimization System for airlines worldwide. The OHM-Technologies total solutions will include:
Bidline Generator
Posting of bidlines, bid collections, bid awards, post-bid activities such as open-time bidding and awards
Crew tracking and recovery, and integration with crew training and payroll
Flight tracking, dispatch and aircraft recovery
OHM-POS combines leading-edge optimization technology with revolutionary web-centric architecture to create a fully functional, intuitive user-driven environment for producing low-cost, high quality monthly pairing solutions. All user interaction is via a standard browser such as the Internet Explorer accessible from anywhere but with appropriate security controls. All data are held in a relational database. Users can
Import and export pertinent data such as flight schedules and final pairing solutions in any desired text format
View and edit flights, rules, costs and pairings
Launch the optimizer in "daily", "weekly" or "monthly" modes with optional pairings as input
Indicate preferences on input pairings
Enable automatic deadhead selection from an unlimited pool of deadhead flights
Display output pairings graphically or in text form
Compare different pairing solutions for similarity and differences
Perform legality checking on selected pairings
Maintain and track solutions by fleet and position
Map pairings against flight schedule to identify over/under-coverage of flights by position
Generate a variety of reports based on report generation facilities that are integral to the system architecture
During an optimization run, the system tracks the degree of optimality of the best solution it generates and reports this as part of the summary output. Solutions produced by the system are usually optimal or very close to the optimum. The solutions are not only minimal in the crew costs but can also satisfy a variety of user-specified quality requirements such as:
Desired distribution of 1-day, 2-day, 3-day and 4-day pairings
Desired distribution of block hours by crew base
Not more than a desired number of crew connections
Not more than a desired number of deadheads
The system is based on a three-tier architecture. Currently, the client running the browser must run under Windows but all other system components including the web-server, application server, database and optimizer can be on a Windows or UNIX platform. The platform can be PCs (desktops or laptops,) workstations, or a combination of both.
  Product Updates

Contact  Decision Management – CDM

Used for both Customers or Prospects. Fully integrated to OHM’s
  back - end business server, portable to your sales rep laptops, usable via OHM’s R.E.A.L. internet module or a stand a lone environment.

Point of Sale System  – POS

For retail interface to OHM’s back - end business sever or stand alone
  processing. All standard register entry with personalization to your industry. Real time inventory and transaction data.

E I S – Dashboard

Pulse of your business with visual graphs and up to date data. Have a handle

  on your Bottom line on any date range or time period. Be proactive not reactive.
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