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Business Needs
The decision by companies to make a change or upgrade in their system software can be a sign of many things. Change in the way they are doing business. Change to meet the new demands of their market. Or they may have out grown their legacy or last system. Perhaps the last system was not the proper fit for their business requirements or future direction. At OHM we first offer consulting services to understand your business, products and people. We establish a bases to provide you the correct services and products that will fulfill not just current changes but long-term growth. We work with you to the OHM software product as a tool in your environment to improve processes and change methods only if that is the correct thing to do, not because the system forces you to use it a certain way. We work with all components of your requirements from the application process to the network and hardware requirements or any other vertically integrated process.
Application Requirements
Once we have a full understanding of your business requirements we assess what it was in the old system that you used because the feature meet your needs vs. it was the way the system allowed you to do it. We look at steps and processes and help you to plan and identify your day to day business practices so that the installation of a new application can be installed using your policies and practices. We also decide with you on the best way to migrate your existing data and/or what is applicable to be rekeyed. We review areas of data that need to be addressed prior to the implementation. We make recommendations to the level of personnel that should be involved and what stages.
Technical Request
This is an area that we offer whatever level support you need. We can be your complete IS department, we can provide specific project work or be called on a as need basis. We have certified technicians in Microsoft, NT, Linux and UNIX. We can run wires, install and configure systems, assist with security and other administrative functions. Or we can provide project assistance with bar coding system interfaces, communications, VPN's, modems, faxes, emails and more.
System Requirements
We will assist in whatever hardware and communication requirements you have. We are value added resellers of the major name brands as well as partners with IBM and others.
  Product Updates

Contact  Decision Management – CDM

Used for both Customers or Prospects. Fully integrated to OHM’s
  back - end business server, portable to your sales rep laptops, usable via OHM’s R.E.A.L. internet module or a stand a lone environment.

Point of Sale System  – POS

For retail interface to OHM’s back - end business sever or stand alone
  processing. All standard register entry with personalization to your industry. Real time inventory and transaction data.

E I S – Dashboard

Pulse of your business with visual graphs and up to date data. Have a handle

  on your Bottom line on any date range or time period. Be proactive not reactive.
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