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The standard OHM manufacturing modules (see manufacturing application) has been spun off to create a specific environment for the unique requirements of the contract manufacturing divisions.

Special audit trails and certifications to be able to accept contracts from their clients. Stick work flow processes to step through the various approval levels.

Many additional enhancements are included such as

Weighted Average Costing
Contract and Poll Environment
Progress and Milestone Payments
Flexible Work Routes
Product Configuration Magnement for ECN control
GFE and CFE tracking supported
ASCA - Audit ability, security, control and accountability
Serial number and lot control tracking
Project cost tracking
Contract identification and tying to all processes
Bid Proposal including estimation and planning cost
Additional Procurement features to aide in the ease of on line processing with vendors.
Ability to control quality and certified vendors and their performance.
OHM is developing new material to include all the updates to the specialized government manufacturing. If you do not see the specifics of the items you require at this time, please inquire at sales@ohmworld.com or by calling our sales agents at 800-878-0646 for more information.
  Product Updates

Contact  Decision Management – CDM

Used for both Customers or Prospects. Fully integrated to OHM’s
  back - end business server, portable to your sales rep laptops, usable via OHM’s R.E.A.L. internet module or a stand a lone environment.

Point of Sale System  – POS

For retail interface to OHM’s back - end business sever or stand alone
  processing. All standard register entry with personalization to your industry. Real time inventory and transaction data.

E I S – Dashboard

Pulse of your business with visual graphs and up to date data. Have a handle

  on your Bottom line on any date range or time period. Be proactive not reactive.
  OHM SYSTEMS INC - Cincinnati Ohio - USA - Sydney Australia - Bangalore India / sales@ohmworld.com US toll free 800.878.0646 or 513.771.0008
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