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A set of building blocks and tools used to design, develop and deploy business application systems for use both on the Internet and Intranet.

These tools are written using Java Script, JSP, Java and U2 Basic. The environment can be Windows NT/W2K/XP, Unix (all flavors) and Linux.
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OHM Tools Brochure
Design Philosophy
Take advantage of browser functionality
Provide On-line, Real Time data validation
Rules based design for flexibility
Ease of maintenance and upgrades
Speed, speed and more speed
Database integrity using begin/end transaction controls
Provide hooks for client-side applications such as Word, Excel, email, and drawings
Product Benefits
On-line validation - Improves throughput
Dynamic HTML using form rules - No static pages
Based on business rules - Protects software investment
Program only business logic - Minimizes IT efforts
Unlimited drill down screens - Data mining
Complete cross-reference including partial words - Search speed
Date and Time stamped transactions - Audit ability
Menu, Function and Field level security by user - Security
Form level validation - Data integrity and control
Begin and End Transactions - Database integrity
Work flow for documents - Accountability
Interface to applications such as Word, Excel - Eclectic
Interface to other servers such as mail, fax, drawings - Eclectic
3-tier methodology - State of the Art
Client side sorting and graphs - Flexibility
  Product Updates

Contact  Decision Management – CDM

Used for both Customers or Prospects. Fully integrated to OHM’s
  back - end business server, portable to your sales rep laptops, usable via OHM’s R.E.A.L. internet module or a stand a lone environment.

Point of Sale System  – POS

For retail interface to OHM’s back - end business sever or stand alone
  processing. All standard register entry with personalization to your industry. Real time inventory and transaction data.

E I S – Dashboard

Pulse of your business with visual graphs and up to date data. Have a handle

  on your Bottom line on any date range or time period. Be proactive not reactive.
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